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February 14, 2011.

The „Rock Ambassador“ interviews The Maier Project.

Martin Berger talked with Hans Maier.


A visit to the website of the Maier Project learns us to know that the next album is in preparation and could be released in the very next future. But informations about it are scarce. Could you tell us a little bit more about it?


Okay, the album will consist of ten songs. We are still working on the vocals, the arrangement of the instrumentation, and some more recording. Some songs are not yet ready for the new cd. We want to work on them more accurately than ever before.


If you yourself compare the new work with the Dragons album what is your impression?


Well, through the past four years, we have made significant improvements. The instrumental albums and the first one with vocals, Dreams, are too heterogenous. Dragons is the first album which really satisfied me, but something still is missing. The new songs, so I hope, will present themselves - more than its predecessors - as a well-rounded affair. 


What will be different?


Hopefully the listener will judge the album as to be more harmonious and perfect. It is one further step closer to our perception to create music that is characteristic for our band. I hope that we now have reached the stage in which we make that sort of music and sound which people will recognise as the music of the MP and not as an exchangeable sound similar to that of hundreds of other groups.


You said MP. Is this the new abbreviation for the band´s real name?


In the forum of our website a guy with the pseudonym „cool and the gang“ was the first one who used the capitals as abbreviation for the complete group name, and others followed. We discussed it and decided that MP might be a suitable designation for us and more concise than Maier Project which may sound a little bit odd to listeners outside Middle Europe. As a consequence we gave the capitals M and P a different colour at the top of the pages of the website.


Will this be the end of „The Maier Project“?


No, „The Maier Project“ will not disappear.


I have studied the homepage, and I could not find satisfying information about the active members of the MP. Reading the booklets of the cds and the information given at the homepage you get the impression that the MP is a one-man-band. Is that true?


I do most of the composing, playing and mixing, so far it is true. But this is not the complete truth as there are some other people – unknown to the public up today – who are working on all the MP stuff. The Maier Project is a conglomerate of several personalities who perform the music. The studio work is managed by three brothers who are friends of mine since the very beginning, and they are completed by the guy who runs the studio.


Who works on the MP website?


The homepage is an important field to present ourselves. Most things you find there is written and designed by me. But the more sophisticated things I entrust to Fabian. In the very close future we will publish on the website the first photographs of the band taken at a photo shoot which we call „The Booth Studio Sessions“. A further result of that meeting are some short movies that will be accessible in the near future.


Up to now fans can get only one photograph of you, that is seen on the cover of „Sweetest Fruit“. Why do you have reservations about presenting your face in the public?


Huh-huh, I have no issue with being photographed. We simply had no desire to do this from the beginning. By the way, there is not only one picture of me there. Initially we had some portraits on the „Elven World“ site, but later we eraded it again. We had the feeling that time had not yet come. With the next release, this will change, at least in some way.


You smile mysteriously. When will you let the cat out of the bag?


Wait and see. Anticipation is the greatest pleasure!


No, it is tantalisation.




Listeners still may download your albums for free. Will this be your concept also in the future?


With the release of „Dragons“, the number of downloads increased significantly. With view on this, we for the first time talked about a change of this policy. Although the new album is not yet completed, we can assess the quality of the songs and think they are reason enough for a change. That means that with the utmost probability, one will have to pay for the songs in the future.


How will you explain this to your fans?


I am sure that this will not be the trigger of protests and a boycott of the music. We put very much time into the songs and the perception of the album, and together with the quality of the new cd it will be feasible enough for a fan to reward our efforts.


I wish you very much success in the future, and I am not the only one who is very curious about the new album. Good luck!


Thank you very much!