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April 11, 2018

The first step to the new album: the single "New Place for Rock and Roll" has been released and is available at the stores!

September 11, 2017

Ok, we are deep in your dept. Long time ago we had posted our last newsletter. Ten months later, here is the new one. We apologize for this inhuman delay. But we had reasons. The most important event in the past was the decison to return to our hometown Innsbruck. Four years of living in Germany had lead to the insight that we belong to another country, to another way of living, to another culinary art, to another landscape, to another mentality. This sounds hard, but we emphasize that we have learned to know some wonderful people whom we had to leave back and whom we are looking forward to meet them again. But the differences between Germany and Austria are bigger than one might believe or some people might admit. Anyway, they exist and made my family feel unhappy. An unexpected job-related offer was the one and only opportunity to return home earlier than was planned. The decision to go away, the arrangements, the packing of our belongings, the search of a new home, the relocation, the move-in, the unpacking - and four months had passed.
Luckily, we had started to compose some new songs last autumn, and in the last weeks we continued the work on them. Now they are nearly finished.  Nine songs deal with our return and our hometown. The last song is dedicated to a close friend who had left us unexpectedly and much too early. Walter F was the father of our homepage, and over many years we had met to drink thousands of espresso macchiato together with a big glass of water. I miss him.

The new release will be called "Part Of It". We do what we can to present it to you until the end of the year.

October 21, 2016

A long time, again, has passed. Summer´s gone, unfortunately, it is dark when you get up, and it is dark again when you come home. This indeed is not very funny and inspiring, and I understand all those who get melancholic crisis in these days. Nevertheless, we have been a bit busy and look upon a sample of new songs. The instrumental skeletons are ready, have got their first adaptions, and the first lyrics are going to be created. More details can not be given in the moment, but we will work on it.
Our last session was completed by an old friend, Peter Monk joined us for two songs, and old times came alive again. This meeting was very interesting, watching how Peter and Harold played together and gave the songs a very harmonic guitar duo performance. Peter seems to miss making music...
What´s up next? Some more things, but please be patient, and as usual we demand very much from you all when you have to wait and wait...


May 29, 2016

A big Hello to all of you who are waiting since months for the latest news of the Project. Well, we must admit, it was a time of leisure for some months, then a time of improvisation and experiments, and in April we started the first new recordings for a future album.

The next album is a challenge because "Paris" has developped to our most successful album ever, in an extent we did not expect. Thanks to all our fans, and we are very happy that you like our music so much.
So the next weeks and months will need our full concentration: we are ambitious to repeat this sucess, and that means that we have to create songs which are at least as good as those on "Paris". We try our very best!

What else? Peter is back again, yes, Peter Monk, he has finished his timeout for his little daughter. So we will go on with three guitars again in the future, I guess! Gael, our queen of the harp, will be mother in about 7 weeks, so we have to report a mysterious accumulation of reproductive phenomena within our environment. Seems to be contagious....

We wish you a fine summer!

July 25, 2015

"Paris" is in the stores!

"Paris" has been released, and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDbaby, and so on.

you may listen to all songs in their full length at the CDbaby webside of the MP (!

Have fun, and give us your feedback to!

May 16, 2015

It ist not yet completely finished. But it won´t last long anymore.

There are 17 songs, with a total time of about 70 minutes.
"Paris" is the title of the new cd. We gave it this name with view on the horrible assault at the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo.
Some songs are related to this event.

Some other songs deal with another incredible scandal, happening around the world. One of the largest enterprises produces a pesticide which due to several scientific studies harms humans and animals. This enterprise intends to stop the possible prohibition of this pesticide by the European Commission, although in Northern Argentina, where planes blow clouds of the pesticide all over the fields, over the nearby settlements and the schools, the people and their children fall seriously ill. Animal farms notice a high frequency of malformations and stillbirths of pigs which have been fed with corn and wheat, poisoned by that pesticide. Such ruthless greed of gain should be a case for the court.

Among the other songs, there are - what else - some love songs.

Some others deal with "coming home", with the feeling to where you belong.
It is not easy for everybody to define where one belongs to. I myself was born in Vienna, in my eyes the most beautiful city in the world. This is clearly my hometown.
But at times I feel at home in the small town of Hall in Tyrol. One song is dedicated to this beauty.

And a song about "The Walking Dead", yes indeed, I admit we didn´t miss a sequel.

The photographs for the new album are gifts by my friend Bernd who published "Paris by Kamps" (www.parisbykamps,com and as hard copy available at Amazon) with lot of wonderful shots of Paris and its inhabitants. We are very grateful for this, and the photo on the cd cover is a beautiful example.

Rock on!

February  16, 2015


The shock of the assassination against the editorial staff of the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris last January has been the motive for some substantial changes of our next release. These changes concern mainly the lyrics which we are about to replace in several songs by lyrics referring to the current political situation. This was not only an attack against humans who have been a thorn in some peoples´side. It was an attack against some precious achievements of our modern civilization: freedom of speech, freedom of art, broad-mindedness and tolerance.
Some of our new songs deal with these alarming developments in the contention between religions and ideologies which seem to be the revival of medieval behavior thought to be overcome in the 21st century.
So we need some more weeks, and we ask you for more patience until we will present you our next work. Before this, we will deliver more details on the album and its songs.
Thank you for your understanding.