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Here you find websites of people who are important for The Maier Project in one way or the other, sites of friends, and links to web addresses that we think might be worth to be mentioned. In the very beginning, this page will be very incomplete, but time will fill the place.

No liability can be assumed for the content of linked external sites.


Porcupine Tree

The official homepage of Porcupine Tree. Headed by Steven Wilson, the band made the development from a one-man virtual experiment to a respected prog rock band that had increasing success with a series of albums that have been awarded repeatedly by professional music journals. "In absentia", "Deadwing", and "Fear to a blank planet" are the last three albums.
You may hear their latest music, read news on their activities, future projects and tour dates. You are led to the Burningshed store and to the download site.

We saw them in concert twice, and it was a fine evening every time, by the way, concerts with the loudest basses I ever heard. You got a feeling as if your trousers got blown up. That sounds funny, but it was a bit too loud for my taste, because other instruments like Richard Barbieri´s keyboards had no chance to keep up with it.

Peter Hammill / Sofa Sound

This is the name of Peter Hammill´s official homepage that gives you nearly all informations upon him and his productivity. Read the regular newsletter, get the lyrics of many songs that had been released without them and learn to know the dates of his forthcoming concerts.

Get all to know on the rebirth of Hammill´s Van der Graaf Generator (VdGG), a fabulous group of the late 60s to the late 70s. If you want to know more in detail, you can get there information on a recently published anthology of the group with the impressive title "The Book". Highly recommended by us, just like VdGG´s fine double life CD of 2007, "Real Time", and their latest studio album "Do Not Disturb"(2016).


Trent Reznor is some kind of an ideal because he creates his work also on computer with the same program. His philosophy concerning making music accessible to his audience is exemplary.  Of course, the music industry can not be lucky with that. But we believe that in the future the direct distribution of music by the artist himself will be a more and more accepted mode. On the other hand, the music of Nine Inch Nails is very special and not easy to approach. We like it very much.


The following sites give informations on important institutions that play major roles in looking after the human rights and concerning the future of our planet and thus of mankind, and of our environment.

Amnesty International
Amnesty International Österreich

Greenpeace Österreich

Global 2000

Ökologie-Institut Österreich
Katalyse Köln/Deutschland


Flying Publisher

These sites are the babies of Bernd Sebastian Kamps, a friend of mine since the days at university. He is some kind of a jack-of-all-trades and made his career as a physician, publisher, author and operator of several websites including Amedeo, a worldwirde internet service for medical literature. He propagates free medical information through the internet and prognostigates the increasing access to textbooks at no charge. This development may not only concern medicine, but also other disciplines of natural science and humanities. 

In memoriam of my friend Walter who left this earth unexpectedly in August 2016:


Macintosh in Austria is a website in German language with numerous links to nearly everything in which a Macintosh user may ever be interested. The photograph on the top is a reminiscence of countless hours we have spent together enjoying thousands of espressi macchiati with a big glass of water.